Adam Carolla buys a Porsche, Corvette takes on an RC car, and more: This Week On The Forums

As bait-and-switch scenarios go, Jackie Panuisiak’s was a pretty bold one.

Of course, it wasn’t entirely the Canadian women’s fault, but you’d imagine that folks showing up to the Northern Alberta Lobster Festival were a little disappointed when they were served hot dogs instead of the delicious crustaceans. According to VOCM, the last-minute menu revision occurred after Air Canada lost a shipment of 145 pounds of lobster destined for the festival. Oops.

Hopefully, they had sauerkraut and onions. Here’s what else happened this week:

  • Even CorvetteForum fans might expect that a McLaren would pose a challenge to a C5 Corvette in a drag race, even if that particular ‘Vette is being force fed by a pair of turbos. But what if said McLaren were a foot long?
  • At $ 4.4 million, the Porsche 935 Paul Newman raced a Le Mans was far from Pebble Beach’s most expensive auction sale. That said, comedian and noted podcaster Adam Carolla will be liquidating much of his collection to pay for it. RennList supports this.
  • The bikers of HDForums are always excited to hear news about new products from the Harley-Davidson mothership. They’re beyond thrilled with the news that some 2017 models will sport a beefy new 114-cubic-inch engine. Now that’s a big twin! 
  • Everyone on 6SpeedOnline has an idea of what their dream garage would look like. If you’re into Porsches, your version might resemble Michael Jen’s amazing setup. All those four-post lifts mean there’s tons of room for heavy metal! 
  • The folks on Ford-Trucks never get tired of barn-find stories. This week, the editors there learned that famous custom car builder Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s long-lost Ford F-100 has been discovered in an Oklahoma barn. It’s looking good!

Hit the links to get complete information on each story.

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