Aston Martin’s newest creation can fly

Aston Martin can build beautiful sports cars. The automaker’s latest creation has an even higher aim.

On Monday, Aston Martin announced a partnership with Airbus to produce a new helicopter for the aircraft maker that will debut next month in France.

The companies teased the new private helicopter, dubbed the ACH130 AM, with a short teaser video that was scant on details but full of luxury touches. Aston Martin headrests, louvers from the automaker’s hoods, and other fine details can be spotted in the short teaser video—but no full view of or price for the luxury chopper is offered. Aston and Airbus said they’ve worked on the aircraft over the past year.

Aston Martin Project Neptune

Aston Martin Project Neptune

Aston Martin is no stranger to ultra-high luxury collaborations. Last year, the company launched a similar program with Triton Submarines to produce Project Neptune, a submersible that could dive to more than 1,500 feet and travel underwater at a speed of 5 knots. The automaker also has a luxury high-rise tower in Miami, operated by G and G Business Developments, with exclusive residences on 66 floors overlooking the Biscayne Bay.

This time, Aston Martin and Airbus Corporate Helicopters have their eyes toward the skies with another collaboration that could yield even further bragging rights. Autoblog reported that the helicopter may be based on the Airbus H130 sightseeing helicopter that seats up to seven passengers, though we’ll have to wait for more details. 

Aston and Airbus will announce the helicopter Jan. 3, but so far well-heeled and interested buyers can satisfy themselves by watching the short teaser video over and over.

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