BMW set to test subscription service in Tennessee

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The act of purchasing a new car or truck is evolving. Automakers are looking to keep up with the latest trends, and the latest is the subscription-based model. Several automakers have tried it, and now BMW is about to test out its own program.

BMW is going to offer a pilot subscription program starting April 2 at a dealership based in Nashville, Tennessee. According to Automotive News, the program is called Access by BMW. The brand has released no details as to which models will be included or the cost and terms of the deals to be offered.

Rather than traditional purchase and lease options, the subscription model aims to simplify car ownership while also keeping it flexible. Essentially, a customer pays a flat monthly fee that covers the lease and insurance payments, plus any maintenance. Customers can switch between models while in the program.

The German automaker has seen some of its competition already head down this path. Mercedes-Benz launched its Flexperience program in Germany. Lincoln has cooked up a service based around its lightly used offerings. Volvo will hand you the keys to a new XC40 after you hand them $ 600 per month. Porsche and Cadillac have programs, too, and the Porsche Passport program costs as much as $ 3,000 per month for its sports cars.

BMW hasn’t said if and when it will roll out its program in other markets or if it will become a standard way of doing business. The pilot program will likely help determine the future of the subscription model at BMW.

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