Bollinger’s rugged electric SUV and pickup reach prototype stage

Bollinger burst on the scene back in 2017 with the B1, a no-nonsense SUV resembling the original Land Rover Defender but with a bespoke aluminum chassis and an advanced electric powertrain. The company in 2018 followed up with the B2, a larger, more practical pickup model perfectly suited for commercial users as well as those with lifestyle needs in mind.

Things then went quiet, leaving the EV startup spotlight to rivals, namely Rivian which in 2018 also revealed an electric SUV and pickup. The Rivians are arguably more luxurious than Bollinger’s stripped-down, no-frills overlanders, though there’s a ruggedness to the Bollingers that’s hard to look past.

Bollinger B2 prototype

Bollinger B2 prototype

Fast forward to today and Bollinger has provided a major update on the progress of the B1 and B2. The company on Thursday revealed the first prototype examples and will soon start testing them on and off the road.

Both vehicles are based on a light-duty truck platform developed in-house at Bollinger’s facility in Ferndale, Michigan. They feature 15 inches of ground clearance (expandable to 20 inches) together with 10 inches of wheel travel and the ability to drive in high- and low-range modes.

Bollinger B1 prototype

Bollinger B1 prototype

Power comes from a dual-motor system delivering 614 horsepower and 668 pound-feet of torque. According to Bollinger, future owners can expect 0-60 mph acceleration in around 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 100 mph. The vehicles will also have enough grunt for 5,000 pounds of payload and 7,500 pounds of towing.

The motors will draw their energy from a 120-kilowatt-hour battery and with moderate driving owners should be able to get around 200 miles of range on a charge.

Bollinger B1 prototype

Bollinger B1 prototype

Inside the vehicles, there will only be four seats. A rear bench has been skipped in favor of a storage area that will enable extra-long items to be carried.

More details including availability and pricing will be announced in the coming months. Bollinger is prioritizing the U.S. market but will eventually expand sales elsewhere, including in markets for right-hand-drive vehicles. The last we heard, the company was targeting a start date for production sometime in 2020.

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