Bugatti Chiron put through its hot weather paces

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When you produce an ultra expensive hypercar like the 1,480-horsepower Chiron, you’re going to want to make sure the thing works rather well.

This means subjecting it to harsh temperatures both cold and hotĀ and racking up many thousands of test miles. It’s that hot bit that we’re focused on today. Bugatti has released a short video showing some of the efforts it undertakes when it looks to see how its latest machineĀ fairs in a hot weather environment.

Over the course of five weeks, Bugatti test engineers ran four Chiron test cars across the United States’s hottest desert regions. It all unfolded atop 35,000 kilometers of tarmac that was baking under a hot summer sun. Temperatures rose to nearly 125 degrees F (51 degrees C) outside the car, yet it seems the Chiron was able to lay down its massive power with no issues.

The trip started in Los Angeles before heading north to Sacramento. From there it was over to Yosemite Park and then down into Death Valley. Eventually, the group arrived in Las Vegas before pointing the expensive noses deeper into the hot south with a stop in Phoenix, Arizona.

It was time to then turn back up north to continue testing, and this led the team into Monument Valley before finally finishing the testing in Denver, Colorado. So you not only have the hot weather but you’re also dealing with higher altitudes. The four turbochargers probably had no issue supplying air to the 8.0-liter W-16 engine.

After all, if you’re going to spend over $ 2.6 million on a car, you want to make sure you’re getting as close to the 1,480 horsepower output as possible.

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