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New Hyundai Santa Fe to be brand's first diesel vehicle in U.S.


The gasoline version of the redesigned Hyundai Santa Fe is slated to hit U.S. showrooms in August, while the diesel variant is due in 2019. Photo credit: Vince Bond SEOUL — The redesigned Hyundai Santa Fe will include the brand’s first diesel offering in the U.S. as it continues to rework its car-heavy lineup. The

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Will scandal cripple the UAW, or transform it?


DETROIT — The UAW’s traditional tactics of walkouts, sit-ins and strikes can’t help it fight the latest threats to its fading influence. The union, already weakened by the proliferation of foreign auto plants in the South, low-wage competition in Mexico and decades of factory closures on its home turf, is now reeling from a haymaker

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Toyota design chief sees future without mass-market cars


Toyota’s Simon Humphries: “On one side we’re going to see this optimized (transport) system, but on the other side you’re going to see a pure race car.” NAGOYA, Japan — As sharing services change car use and ownership, Toyota Motor Corp.’s new design chief believes that vehicles will shift towards either generic boxes on wheels

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GM, South Korea set for standoff as carmaker weighs future there


SEOUL — General Motors and South Korean authorities are headed toward a standoff as the automaker plans to shut one plant amid mounting losses. South Korean officials will hold talks with GM about ways to keep the automaker’s operations open, the finance ministry said in a statement Tuesday, after a meeting among financial authorities. Government-run Korea

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White House weighs big cuts to mpg rules


NHTSA is looking at a range of options to lower future fuel economy and emissions targets, including one that would permit an average fleetwide fuel economy standard of 35.7 miles per gallon by 2026, down from the 46.6 miles per gallon under rules charted by the Obama administration. Photo credit: DAVID PHILLIPS The Trump administration

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Uber's Kalanick says Google relationship soured after autonomous vehicle development


Travis Kalanick: “We had been going to them (Google) really interested in partnering in some fashion. Maybe we could find a way to take our efforts to partner and get to the future faster. And they were generally not receptive.” Photo credit: Reuters SAN FRANCISCO — Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick once thought of the

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