EPA stands by 2025 emissions standards

UPDATED: 11/30/16 11:48 am ET – adds details

WASHINGTON — The EPA has proposed to leave in place its emissions standards for light vehicles through 2025, a move that’s likely to be opposed by automakers seeking relief from rules that they say are challenging and costly.

The EPA move is a key step in the legally required midterm evaluation of the 2025 standards, which aim to slash greenhouse gas emissions and boost fuel efficiency to more than 50 mpg on average by 2025. That evaluation has been underway since July.

The proposal seeks to set one of the Obama administration’s signature environmental policies on firmer footing ahead of the incoming administration of president-elect Donald Trump, who has called for rolling back or scrutinizing many federal regulations and who has taken a skeptical view of efforts to combat climate change.

The final decision on the 2025 targets could still be made by Trump’s pick for EPA administrator. The EPA has until April 2018 to make a final determination.

In a statement, the EPA said “extensive technical analysis” shows automakers are on track to achieve the 2025 standards at “similar or even a lower cost” than believed when the standards were issued in 2012.

All automakers were in compliance with the greenhouse-gas standards at the end of 2015, the EPA said. 

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