F1 sound on the cheap, ugly history, Evo vs. Focus RS and more: This Week On The Forums

Eating a meal with young children is seldom a relaxing or enjoyable experience. 

But feeding wee ones after they’ve seen a personified potato have its skin peeled off and baby carrots get eaten alive? That’s likely even less fun. Unfortunately, some parents now face that challenge, because as The Guardian reported this week, a California theater recently showed an audience set to see Finding Dory a trailer for Sausage Party, a new animated film that’s about as suitable for children as bourbon.

I can laugh because I don’t have kids. Here’s what else happened this week:

  • With Mitsubishi’s Evo going quietly into that good night, fans on EvolutionM are pretty curious about turbo AWD offerings from other manufacturers. And according to one member, Ford has a huge hit on its hands with the Focus RS.
  • Making a Mercedes S600 sound like an F1 car is no easy task, but one member on MBWorld thinks he’s up to the challenge, and he’s trying to do it all without $ 9k worth of overnight parts from Japan. He thinks he’s found another way. We’ll be watching this build closely.
  • This time, it really looks like a mid-engine Corvette is coming. But some folks on CorvetteForum are wondering if General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] can even build a mid-engine car. You know, because of how the Fiero turned out.
  • If you’re going to kick off a crime spree, why not do it with some style? That seems to be the reasoning behind this pair of teenage idiots boosting a 1979 911. Fortunately, the car was recovered before it was totaled. But RennList isn’t happy.
  • These shots from the Born Free chopper show outside Los Angeles could have been taken 30 years ago, as they’re all grain and lens flare. That said, HDForums thought they captured the event beautifully. Bravo, hipster photographer.

Hit the links to get complete information on each story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!

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