Ferrari opens its museum to everyone… online

If you’re a Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] enthusiast, you can now save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on an airplane ticket, train tickets, hotel rooms, and all the pasta you can eat: The Ferrari Museum has been added to Google Maps’ StreetView.

This means anyone with an Internet connection at their disposal can virtually walk around the legendary Italian sports and racing car manufacturer’s hallowed grounds in Maranello.

Of course, nothing can really replace the experience of actually visiting the museum itself and beholding the masterful sports cars in the metal. But there’s no doubting a computer visit to the museum makes a nice diversion if you’re sitting in your office with nothing to do.

To access the museum, simply type “Ferrari Museum” into Google Maps and then drag the little orange man to the museum itself. Using your cursor, you can navigate through the museum and view remarkably high-resolution static imagery of some of the world’s most famous—and valuable—Ferraris.

The museum itself offers a balance between road and racing cars from Ferrari’s history, as well as a few concepts. The 360-degree imagery was taken in December of this year, so you can view the “Genius and Secrets” temporary exhibition.

Unfortunately, you can’t actually buy anything from the gift shop, but Ferrari will happily sell you some of its merchandise online.


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