Lamborghini teases Urus playing in the snow in Neve mode

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We are less than a month away from Lamborghini unveiling the production Urus SUV, and that means the teasers are being released at a rapid rate. The latest highlights the Urus’ Neve mode.

Neve is Italian for snow, meaning snow mode for the electronic stability control and other vehicle systems. Last week, we saw a teaser video showing the Urus taking on the sand using Sabbia mode (sand mode). The other new mode debuting on the Urus is Terra (earth). Of course, the typical Lamborghini Strada (street), Sport, and Corsa (track) modes will be on-board as well.

In case you’ve forgotten, the Urus will likely be powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 producing approximately 650 horsepower. All-wheel drive should be standard, and four-wheel steering will be on the menu to enhance handling.

Why four-wheel steering? Because this is a Lamborghini SUV and it will be ridiculous in all the ways, from its design inside and out to its staggering top speed of 187 mph. The Italian automaker is counting on breaking the current SUV Nürburgring lap-time record set by Alfa Romeo with the Stelvio Quadrifoglio.

Lamborghini will reveal the Urus on December 4. Stay tuned.

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