McLaren teases new Sports Series model

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McLaren breaks down its model range into three categories.

You have the Sports Series, Super Series, and Ultimate Series, and there is a clear performance delineator between each group.

Starting at the top you’ll find the Senna and P1 in the Ultimate Series. The 720S resides as the Super Series offering. At the “bottom” sits the 570 in GT and S versions, plus the Chinese market gets the 540C. There’s a new Sports Series model coming, however, and perhaps it could blur the lines a bit between the Sports and the Super Series.

For its more hardcore offerings, McLaren designates a model as an LT version. This was done way back in the day on the McLaren F1, continued as an homage on the 675LT, and now it seems that we can expect a 570LT.The idea here would be for McLaren to create a hardcore entry amongst its entry level machinery.

For McLaren, “hardcore” means dropping weight and upping power and performance. That means we could see a 600-horsepower twin-turbocharged V-8 sitting behind the driver paired with liberal use of carbon fiber throughout the rest of the car. In the teaser image posted above, you can see all of that lightweight material in place on the rear fascia and diffuser, but what you don’t see is the exhaust exit that typically appears in this location.

No, we’re not looking at an electric McLaren. Instead, this is proof that McLaren has reworked the exhaust run and we believe it will wind up exiting out the upper rear portion of the car. That is another way in which weight can be shed, because less exhaust plumbing will be required. Also, the car should sound incredible.

We don’t believe it will compete against the mightier 720S, but it should prove to be a great deal more capable than the 570S. Also, a louder, more potent 570 is a great thing in its own right. And having a top-exiting exhaust is just downright cool. Stay tuned.

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