Pininfarina teases Pura Vision design concept

Pininfarina, the famed Italian design house, used this year’s Monterey Car Week as the backdrop for the introduction of its latest design concept, the Pura Vision. Unfortunately for us, the Pura Vision’s debut event wasn’t open to the general public.

Instead, Pininfarina presented the Pura Vision at a private event held at a residence near Pebble Beach. The VIP guest list for the event consisted mostly of current owners of Pininfarina-designed sports and luxury cars—in other words, the kind of deep-pocketed individuals that can afford to buy a hand-built Italian exotic.

Pininfarina released just one heavily cropped image of the Pura Vision, which revealed little more than a section of the car’s roof. However, it’s clear from that image that the Pura Vision is a low-slung car—its roof only comes up to Luca Borgogno’s (Pininfaria’s design direct pictured with the car) waist.

Pininfarina’s description of the Pura Vision also isn’t very helpful in deciphering what the car actually is. Borgogno summed up the car as “a luxury vehicle like no other and once again designed to deliver thrilling EV performance.” But at least we know it’ll be luxurious and electric. 

It’s been reported that Pininfarina is working on both a sedan and an SUV to follow up up its Battista EV hypercar, but it remains unknown if the Pura Vision is either of those vehicles. Interestingly, Pininfarina says it also gave an “inspirational view of the aesthetics of a future pure-electric Luxury Utility Vehicle from the Italian marque” at the event, indicating the Pura Vision and the SUV are two different vehicles. That would make sense given the car’s extremely low roof line.

The mystery of the Pura Vision will continue for at least a few more months. Pininfarina says the car won’t make its public debut until 2020, likely at the Geneva Motor Show. Stay tuned.

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