Rimac's next electric supercar to have 120-kwh battery pack?

Teaser for Rimac supercar debuting at 2018 Geneva auto show

Teaser for Rimac supercar debuting at 2018 Geneva auto show

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Croatia-based Rimac is preparing to debut quite an electric machine at the 2018 Geneva motor show next month, and new information points to a whopping 120-kwh battery pack onboard. 

Not only will the car, dubbed Concept_Two right now, boast the massive battery pack, but an Autocar report published on Friday said the next vehicle will also include Level 4 self-driving capability. Level 4 systems do not require the driver’s attention in almost all situations, but the driver must remain engaged as a failsafe.

Sources told the publication that Rimac bumped up its performance goals for the Concept_Two after the 2020 Tesla Roadster was unveiled with a 200-kwh battery pack. Tesla promised a 0-60 mph time of 1.9 seconds. Rimac’s new supercar might aim to challenge that figure.

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Rimac has a pedigree in electric performance cars. The company’s first car, the Concept_One, boasted 1,088 horsepower with a 4-motor electric powertrain. Despite the performance targets, Rimac COO Monika Mikac said the next car will also be more luxurious and comfortable. It will cost more, too—perhaps more than $ 1.38 million.

In addition to more luxury and performance, the Concept_Two will feature a longer driving range. Mikac admitted that’s not much of an issue, though, since most owners don’t use their cars for daily errands. The Concept_One can go 205 miles before needing to charge, provided the driver isn’t testing the performance limits of this electric supercar.

Following the car’s debut in Geneva, Rimac will offer a few variants, and the firm mentioned convertible and track-oriented versions specifically. We’ll have all of the details on the new Rimac supercar when it debuts next month.

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