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Cummins beats Tesla to electric semi truck

Follow Viknesh As Tesla fans and the industry at large await the reveal of the electric car brand’s promised semi-trailer truck in September, Cummins, most widely known for its diesel engines, has quietly unveiled an electric truck of its own. Cummins’ truck is strictly a concept, but the company is confident the vehicle, or at

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Elon Musk teases Tesla semi truck, reveals tunnel-boring plans

Follow Viknesh Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed more details on the company’s upcoming electric semi-trailer truck as well as his plans for a separate tunnel boring company aimed at alleviating traffic. During a TED talk held Friday in Vancouver, Musk presented the first image of the new Tesla truck which earlier this month he

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Toyota Project Portal imagines a fuel cell-powered semi truck future

Tesla may have garnered buzz surrounding the announcement it will reveal a semi truck in September, but Toyota this week showed how it imagines revolutionizing the trucking industry. This hunk of tractor trailer metal is called Project Portal, and it’s powered exclusively by a hydrogen fuel cell system. The semi truck produces zero emissions and

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