This 1,700-hp Nissan GT-R has a trick to stage properly at the drag strip

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Staging a car at a drag strip is an art form. You line up so you have your car exactly where you want it to try and extract tenths of a second as you blast off down the strip.

Some like staging deep while others run shallow. However, for some, staging is now moving beyond the art form and into the highly technical. Such is the case on this massively modified 1,700-horsepower Nissan GT-R.

For an all-wheel-drive car like the GT-R, staging means working quickly to get your boost pressure built up before the yellow lights start their dance toward the green. Some vehicles employ a bit of tech called a Bump Box. This allows you to stage your vehicle just behind the timing beams and get your engine prepped. The bump box then briefly disengages your transbrake and rolls your car forward a pre-determined amount. You’re now staged and ready to rock.

On the GT-R, this wasn’t really possible because of the way the clutch packs are set up. Now though, it looks like someone has figured out a way around this issue. In the video, the GT-R sets up just before the staging beams. You can see it build the revs and boost, and then it’s bumped into position for the run.

From there, the car rips off eight second runs with a trap speed of a little over 186 mph. It will be quite interesting to learn more about this technology and what’s going on under the skin to allow it to bump forward in the box as it does.

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