Volvo to bring S90L to the States

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The Volvo S90 is here. It’s the full-size Scandinavian sedan that’s packing seriously good looks with great tech and a delightful driving experience. It manages to do this while costing less than its competition, too. For some, though, the ability to spec a luxury machine with a longer wheelbase for greater legroom can’t be beat. Volvo is going to have you covered there as well.

According to Motor1, Volvo is prepared to bring the S90L over to our shores. This is the long-wheelbase version that’s built in China, and intended for that market. Volvo is looking to bring it to both Europe and the United States because there’s always *ahem* room for more rear seat comfort over here.

Volvo already does this with the S60. It’s the S60 Inscription model that adds 3.4  more inches of rear-seat space over the standard version. So we’d expect the naming scheme to follow and you’ll be able to opt for the S90 Inscription over the standard wheelbase version. It’s not known how much room the longer S90 will get, but we’re guessing up to 6 inches.

The Germans already play this game with their top-tier sedans, so there’s proven sales data that Volvo can examine to judge its sales potential. Add in a few more upscale options over the standard S90, and it makes a wheel-heeled shopper’s buying decision that much easier.


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