10 things you won't like inside new cars

Audi teases a new car for the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show

Audi teases a new car for the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show

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New cars are like playgrounds for adults. There are many exciting places to explore and crawl around, but like a hot slide in July, not all of them are great.

No matter the price, some cars just don’t come standard with common sense.

Here’s a short list of things we could do without in our new cars.

1. The only time we want a spare tire

Spare tires now are the exceptions—not the rule. Once upon a time, we could at least count on a donut miniature spare back there. Now we’re lucky to get even that.

Many automakers use emergency repair kits instead of spare tires to save weight and to cut costs. In fact, some now have made the emergency inflation kits optional. Cadillac asks $ 210 for a rescue kit in the new CT6.

Is it bad enough we never get a flat tire on a sunny day? Now we have to pay more to fix it?

2. For the record, vinyl sucks

In our estimation, if it isn’t rich or Corinthian, it has no business being on our seating surface in luxury cars.

Yet some luxury automakers still don’t make standard quality seating surfaces in cars that cost more than $ 30,000. Mercedes-Benz calls it MB-Tex in their cars, BMW calls it SensaTec in their cars. We just call it nonsense for the money they’re asking.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class - First Drive, July 2015

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class – First Drive, July 2015

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3. Power to the (front) people

There are still a few holdouts that don’t offer power-adjustable seats to front passengers in family sedans.

Volkswagen’s Passat, for example, makes a power adjustable driver’s seat available one trim level up from base—and even then, it’s still an option. Power adjustable driver and passenger seats are only available on the $ 31,000 SEL, which is a far cry from the sedan’s base price of around $ 23,000.

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