2018 BMW Alpina B5 spy shots

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There’s a new 5-Series just around the corner and that means we’ll also be graced with a new version of the B5 from semi-official BMW tuner Alpina.

Our latest spy shots show a prototype for the wagon version of the new B5 testing in Germany. A B5 sedan is also planned.

The B5 is a high-performance version of the 5-Series.

The last one came with a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 good for 507 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque.

2018 BMW Alpina B5 Touring spy shots - Image via S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

2018 BMW Alpina B5 Touring spy shots – Image via S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

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This new one will likely have a similar output but performance will still be substantially enhanced thanks to the lighter weight of the new 5-Series. Recall the car is getting a shortened version of the carbon fiber-infused CLAR platform that debuted in the 2016 7-Series.

We know this is the Alpina B5 and not just another prototype for BMW’s new M5 because of some signature Alpina design cues such as the wide, horizontal intake up front, multi-spoke wheels and dual-exhaust tips at either side of the rear bumper (the M5 stacks its exhaust tips closer to the center).

The new 5-Series will arrive on the market next year as a 2017 model. The Alpina B5 should trail it by about a year.

BMW offers some Alpina products in the United States. For example, the new 7-Series has already spawned its Alpina model. However, it’s not clear if the B5 will make it over.

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