986-horsepower McLaren P1 LM goes hunting on the 'Ring

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McLaren withdrew from Nürburgring lap time attempts in 2013 after claiming its P1 hypercar recorded a sub-7:00 time, albeit without providing the obligatory video of the completed run.

No doubt the announcement was a major disappointment for fans, though all is not lost thanks to a small British motorsport outfit by the name of Lanzante.

This is the same Lanzante that fielded the F1 GTR race car that won overall in the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, and recently the firm’s been in the headlines for a street-legal version of McLaren’s P1 GTR track car that will revive the LM badge, last used on McLaren’s legendary F1 LM.

Testing of the street-legal P1 GTR, dubbed the P1 LM, is currently underway and part of the program is a visit to the Nürburgring, with retired racer Kenny Bräck, now an official McLaren test driver, doing most of the driving. The video from Supercarsfromeu shows the 986-horsepower machine stretching its legs on the ‘Ring.

Lanzante will include lap time attempt in its testing, though chasing records isn’t a priority as the company has a tight schedule and limited resources. Lanzante is also wary of something going wrong—like the crash of Koenigsegg’s One:1  during a record attempt in July—that could potentially hold up deliveries of the P1 LM.

Just six P1 LMs will be built, including the prototype shown above. Though production-based and street-legal, the P1 LM isn’t considered a production car so taking this into account the time to beat is the incredible 6:47 set by the Pagani Zonda R in 2010. The production car lap record remains the 6:57 set by Porsche with its 918 Spyder in 2013.

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