Aston Martin pays tribute to DBR1 with new DBS 59 special edition

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Aston Martin has worked overtime to crank out numerous special editions. The latest pays homage to an iconic bit of motorsport history; the DBR1 race car. To celebrate that amazing machine, Aston Martin has created the DBS 59, based on the latest DBS Superleggera.

The number 59 is in reference to the year 1959. That’s when the DBR1 finished first and second overall at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

This special DBS also wears a color scheme derived from the livery of the vintage racing machine, and its production is based on the Le Mans race itself. Just 24 examples are to be produced, with one built for every hour of the race.

On the outside of the 715-horsepower DBS 59, the skin is painted in the extremely appropriate shade called Aston Martin Racing Green. There’s a dash of carbon fiber as well; it’s found on the roof, roof strake, and hood louvers.

Aston Martin DBS 59 special edition

Aston Martin DBS 59 special edition

Inside, the cabin is swathed in Obsidian Black and Chestnut Tan leather. These colors are lifted from the seats of the original DBR1. Aston Martin’s Q designers have also fitted bronze details throughout the car. Exterior badges, the wheels, and interior scripts are all colored in that bronze finish which serves as the perfect contrasting color choice against the brilliant green.

All of the 24 examples being produced are to be numbered. That number is seen in a white roundel painted next to the side strakes of the car. But owners can dive more deeply into the spirit of the DBS 59 with more than just an identifying number. Aston Martin is offering a set of period correct racing overalls, string-backed racing gloves similar to the ones worn by Carroll Shelby when he drove the DBR1, replica race helmets, and a set of bespoke luggage matched to the interior trim of the car.

If you’re an Aston Martin super fan, than this is the ride for you. It pays homage to an important milestone in the brand’s motorsport history while serving it up on a modern high-performance platter.

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