Bugatti teases modern Type 57SC Atlantic before Geneva Motor Show

Bugatti may have a show-stopper in store for the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. On Sunday, the luxury brand teased a modern re-creation of the iconic Type 57SC Atlantic coupe on its Facebook page and has since released more teasers throughout the week.

A teaser comes as the company celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. Just last week, Bugatti retold the story of the Type 57SC Atlantic to celebrate its 80th birthday. The company built just four of the crown jewel of the brand and one of the 57SC Atlantics remains lost after it vanished in 1938 without a trace.

The first teaser image shows a top-down drawing of a modern Type 57SC Atlantic, though it’s hard to tell if this actually depicts the car Bugatti could show in Geneva. All of the standard Type 57SC Atlantic traits are present, including a split windshield, large wheel flares, swoopy doors, and the defined central spine. 

It’s likely no coincidence Bugatti primed the public with the car’s backstory before teasing a modern version of the car.

Teaser for modern Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

Teaser for modern Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

Another teaser shows a taillight with text saying “any modern interpretation of the 57 SC Atlantic should keep Bugatti’s unique rear lights.”

And a video teaser shows what is clearly a full-width LED taillight that spans the rear of whatever car is coming.

While another teaser depicts the front hood, fenders, and the signature central spine.

The teasers comes hot on the heels of Bugatti’s proclamation that is returning to coachbuilt cars. That is the practice of installing bespoke bodies atop an existing chassis. The Bugatti Divo was the first model to usher in the strategy as it’s based on the banner Chiron supercar. While the Chiron focuses on high speeds and brain-melting acceleration, the Divo is a track special with a penchant for agility and cornering.

Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

If Bugatti does reveal a new Type 57SC Atlantic based on the Chiron’s chassis, it could be the hit of the Geneva Motor Show. The Type 57 is a downright gorgeous automobile, and Bugatti’s designers know a thing or two about penning wild and lovely looking cars.

The Geneva Motor Show opens in just a couple of weeks and we’ll learn more about this mystery project then.

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