Chevy's reskinned Silverado: What people are saying

GM, in a surprise move, revealed an off-road version of the redesigned 2019 Chevrolet Silverado on Saturday in Texas, a state whose residents buy a lot of large, high-priced pickup trucks. Here’s a roundup of what analysts, journalists and others are saying about the truck:  

“The Silverado’s ability to meet or beat the F-150’s fuel economy, towing capacity and features without expensive aluminum will be vital to GM’s competitiveness in the highly profitable full-size pickup market. Looks matter, too. The new Silverado was given a pair of narrow, high-mounted headlights that give it a more steely, squinty expression. For a market that includes lots of cowboys and contractors, it could be a winner.” — Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press, and Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY

sneak peeks the 2019 Chevy Silverado, its most extensive pickup-truck redesign in at least a decade. Designers went big on the styling.” — Mike Colias, The Wall Street Journal

“While maintaining the Silverado’s traditional, ginormous ‘sandwich’ grille anchored by the Chevy bow tie, the headlights are narrower. The body, too, is more sculpted than before – replacing the blocky fenders and rocker-panels with curvier, grooved stampings. The mirrors are now mounted on the doors instead of the A-pillar – likely for better driver visibility.” — Henry Payne, The Detroit News

“The new Silverado Trailboss is stacked, stylish, and slender. Chiseled sides and a strong, upright and blackened grille give it a modern and granite-like appearance, but it’s less blocky compared to the current Silverado. For 2019, the cab roof shows a definite swooping line, and wheel arches extrude out much less than the 2018 model, with a more rounded appearance. The front end (for this trim) loses some chrome and better integrates into the grille, with smaller LED headlights.” — New York Daily News

“The 2019 Silverado boasts a striking design compared with the current model.” — Ryan Zummallen,

“Physically, the Silverado looks sleeker than ever before. There’s a fair bit of Colorado in the design, especially in the rear cabin area. It looks narrower, too — at least from out semi-distant viewing position. We didn’t get a chance to climb around the new truck, but we think it’s a handsome design.” — Conner Golden, Automobile

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