Dive into the aerodynamics and performance of the Ferrari F8 Tributo

The Ferrari 488 GTB says so long this year to make room for its successor, the F8 Tributo. In a pair of new videos, fans of the Prancing Horse can be acclimated with some of the changes made to the supercar before it hits the streets.

Up first, performance. The engine is still a traditional V-8 ridden by a pair of turbochargers. The F8 Tributo has the highest-output Ferrari V-8 ever with 710 horsepower on tap. It will take just 2.9 seconds to go from 0-62 mph and the top speed sits at 211 mph. Even better, the F8 Tributo is lighter compared to the 488 by some 88 pounds. The weight savings come from the engine itself, a Lexan rear windshield, and a carbon-fiber rear spoiler.

Ferrari also highlighted the “Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer+” system that adjusts brake pressure at each caliper to control the F8 Tributo’s svelte body better. The system should help drivers more easily unlock the car’s performance. There’s also a smaller-diameter steering wheel inside for a sportier feeling.

Moving onto aerodynamics, the Tributo separates further from the 488. Foremost, the front air duct comes from the company’s Formula One learnings and helps to cut through air and keep the car slippery. At the rear, the wider spoiler creates greater vertical load. Rear flux deflectors reduce drag.

Taking a look underneath the car reveals a nearly flat underbody that works with the front diffuser to channel more cool air into the brakes. The rear diffuser also houses active aero elements to help boost performance when needed around a corner, or in a straight line. Back up front, new radiators from the 488 Challenge improve cooling while further reducing drag and a new air intake design helps ensure cooler air is fed to the engine to complement the car’s power increase to 710 hp.

Overall, the F8 Tributo is 10 percent more aerodynamic than the 488 GTB. Not to mention, it looks quite good too. Check it out in the videos above.

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