Dubai Police enlist Chevy Tahoe-based Giath SUV

Yet another toy has joined the Dubai Police Department’s garage. But unlike many of the garage’s patrol vehicles, this one is not a supercar. It’s a Chevy Tahoe.

Not just any Tahoe, but what the department calls the “Giath,” and it’s one of the most advanced police vehicles on the planet, the department further boasted. The Dubai Police’s official Facebook page last week showed off its latest cruiser, which is based on a standard Chevy Tahoe. The front and rear clips have been heavily worked over to portray its own design, but there’s no hiding its side profile and interior switchgear.

The department said the Giath is equipped with the latest facial recognition technology that can identify individuals from the car. And to coordinate, the Giath is linked directly with the Dubai Police Command Operations Room. A set of touchscreens in the dashboard relay vast amounts of information and the video shows its center cluster has been replaced with another touchscreen.

Dubai police Giath Chevy Tahoe-based police car

Dubai police Giath Chevy Tahoe-based police car

The officer in the video appears to select a “Fast” mode from the screen, but it’s unclear what the function actually does. We see a few other options that include options for the strobe lights and more.

Giath comes from W Motors, the Dubai-based company behind the Lykan Hypersport, but few other details are known about the special police SUV. The touchscreens and other computer gadgets come from Safe City Group, an Abu Dhabi-based computer security company.

We do know the Giath will be in good company. The Dubai police fleet includes some of the world’s most sought-after supercars. It includes an Aston Martin One-77, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari LaFerrari, and many more. The department has even begun to trial hoverbikes as yet another wild addition to the fleet.

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