Elon Musk confirms Ludicrous Mode for Model 3

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Elon Musk confirms Ludicrous Mode for the Model 3 via Twitter

Elon Musk confirms Ludicrous Mode for the Model 3 via Twitter

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The hype surrounding the Tesla Model 3 is undeniable. It has received an astounding amount of interest in the form of 400,000 or so pre-orders. People literally lined up just to fork over $ 1,000 for a car they had yet to see, and have definitely never driven. Now the hype should get even more insane.

Elon Musk, responding to a question via Twitter, has confirmed that the Model 3 will indeed be available with Ludicrous Mode. This is the crazy setting on the Model S and Model X that allows for exceptionally quick dashes from 0 to 60 mph. It sends all of the available power to the wheels, and has the ability to make your passengers nauseous.

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When will we be able to actually play with a Model 3 and test this out? That remains uncertain at the moment. We do know that Tesla has stated it will begin delivering the car in December of 2017.

With a starting price of $ 35,000 before you add in any incentives, we certainly expect to see tons of them on the road once those deliveries do begin. That should be especially true in California, where the Model S has replaced the Prius as the green machine du jour. When the Model 3 hits, California’s carpool lane might as well be called Tesla Town.


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