Go ice sliding in the BMW M6 with Pennzoil

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You’re in for a treat today as Pennzoil is back with another of its action-packed, high-octane driving videos, this time starring the BMW M6.

It’s set in the Canadian Rockies and sees an explorer discover a base with a yellow M6 tucked away.

Next up are some breathtaking scenes of the M6 doing its thing on the ice. You’ll definitely want to watch this video in full-screen mode.

Like the previous three videos in the Pennzoil series, this clip has been directed by the talented Ozan Biron. He’s filmed a number of intense car-related features, which you can view on his website. You’ll also recognize his work from some of the Need For Speed video games.

Come back tomorrow for some behind-the-scenes and 360-degree footage of the M6 sliding around the ice.

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