Gordon Murray working on F1-inspired sports car

Last month, Gordon Murray, the man behind the iconic McLaren F1, announced his latest project: his own car company. Now, we know the newly minted Gordon Murray Automotive will brand its cars with the IGM label, which stands for Murray’s initials. (His full name is Ian Gordon Murray.)

The new label is a return to the branding applied to Gordon Murray’s very first car: the T.1 IGM Ford Special, which Murray raced successfully in South Africa in 1967 and 1968. The IGM label will feature on all future in-house projects built by Gordon Murray Automotive.

On Friday, we received our first look at IGM’s first car.

What jumps out in the announcement is one named car: the McLaren F1. Gordon Murray Automotive specifically names the F1 as inspiration for the unnamed IGM sports car, and it says the car will focus on driving pleasure and “the very latest materials and technology.” The company adds its car will boast some of the “most advanced aerodynamic systems” ever produced for a road car. We’re listening, IGM.

Murray previously pioneered iStream, a vehicle architecture derived from Formula One construction low-weight materials. The first production car to utilize iStream will be the TVR Griffith, but IGM’s first car will use an even grander version of iStream called “iStream superlight.” As the name suggests, the architecture uses high-strength aluminum over steel for an even lighter structure over traditional iStream. The company says it also delivers new levels of rigidity, durability and platform flexibility.

Although Murray Automotive didn’t disclose many other details, Autocar reports the company already has a working prototype with a transverse-mounted turbocharged inline-3 mounted within. The report goes on to say the engine is good for 150 horsepower, and that a proper 6-speed manual is in place. Additionally, IGM will produce the car in low quantities and it will only come as a coupe.

IGM’s birth celebrates 50 years of Murray design and we can’t wait to find out more about the F1-inspired sports car. Anything with Murray’s name attached to it always warrants attention, but a new Murray-designed and engineers sports car? Pinch us if we’re dreaming.

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