Horacio Pagani waxes poetic over the Ford GT, Ferraris, and Porsches

Horacio Pagani and the first customer-specced Huayra

Horacio Pagani and the first customer-specced Huayra

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Pagani is quite literally a supercar maker run by a car enthusiast. Horacio Pagani has no issues expressing his fondness for competitors’ cars and he even purchases them quite frequently—not for comparison’s sake either.

The outspoken Argentine also doesn’t mind admitting his competitors build more technical machines, specifically Porsche. When asked about the 918 Spyder, Mr. Pagani told Automobile, “During the final tests for the Huayra BC at Imola we tested it against a 918. We said, ‘Which car is the standard that others are held up to now? Which hypercar of the last few years has the best performance?’ We all agreed that it was the 918.” Pagani also owns a 918 now.

He also owns a Ferrari F12tdf, he’s the first individual to have placed an order for a Ford GT in Europe, and he plans to pay whatever it costs to own Mercedes-AMG’s Project One hypercar. “I like the fact AMG is making a car with F1 technology. I will buy one.”

What’s the one that got away? The McLaren P1. Pagani calls the P1’s factory “one of the most amazing” he’s ever visited. However, he doesn’t care much for hybrid setups and therefore crossed a P1 off of his shopping list.

“I promise you: If the P1 hadn’t been hybrid and therefore weighed 1,400 kilo-grams (around 3,100 pounds), I would have bought one.”

That explains why Pagani insists on fitting massive 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-12s from Mercedes-AMG in its cars to this day. And we’re totally OK with that just as Mr. Pagani is.

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