Is Glickenhaus' SCG003 going to destroy Huracán Performante's 'ring record?

Watch out Lamborghini: Glickenhaus may be gunning for a new Nürburgring record with its GT3-spec racer turned street car.

The SCG003C is the brainchild of America’s Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, which has found enormous success in Germany’s VLN series that includes the Nürburgring 24 Hours. However, Glicknehaus also offers a road going version, called the SCG003S. The “S” stands for “stradale,” Italian for “street.”

The SCG003S is unmodified after being retired from motorsports and with a few new modifications it’s street legal. Here, we have what appears to be an SCG003C, but it showcases the potential a road-worthy Glickenhaus may have in relation to a ‘ring record.

The SCG003C completes the famed circuit in about 6:40 during a qualifying lap at the Nürburgring. If you’ll recall, the Lamborghini Huracán Performante completed the lap in 6:52, thanks in part to its incredible active aerodynamics system. The Glickenhaus seen here pulled a 12-second quicker lap with race course traffic.

There are some key differences to point out. The SCG003C (the video’s star) uses a race-ready twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 built by Honda’s HPD motorsport division and tuned to a regulation-specific 530 horsepower. The road-worthy SCG003S is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 delivering 800 hp. The SCG003C also accomplished the incredibly quick time with race tires, but Porsche and Lamborghini are guilty of running “special road tires” to complete their famed laps.

Again, this may simply be an indicator as to how the street-legal SCG003S may perform. From the specifications, and considering the road car is only slightly heavier with slightly less downforce, the Huracán’s lap record could very well be short-lived.

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