Meet the behind-the-scenes teams that put Rimac on the road

In a four-part video series, Rimac founder and CEO, Mate Rimac, has given us a behind-the-scenes look at the departments that keep the Croatian company humming day in and day out.

In the final part of the series, which was published to YouTube in June, we dive even deeper behind the scenes and visit with the numerous departments that put Rimac on the road—literally. Rimac introduces viewers to several different departments over nearly 19 minutes of video. Among the main departments are industrialization, embedded hardware, powertrain development, embedded software, battery cell testing, and battery systems engineering. Rimac also talks about Greyp Bikes, which is its own company that’s part of the Rimac family. Greyp builds connected electrified bicycles instead of electric supercars.

Mate Rimac, CEO and founder of Rimac

Mate Rimac, CEO and founder of Rimac

These departments are the nitty-gritty details of Rimac. Not only does Rimac build electric supercars, but the company also supplies parts and systems to some pretty big names, including Aston Martin. Porsche purchased 10 percent of the company recently, and in the near future, Hyundai’s N division will work with Rimac to develop a standalone sports car.

Rimac production facility tour

Rimac production facility tour

The video starts with the industrialization department. Here, engineers look at components to ensure the highest production efficiencies. Mr. Rimac says the company may look at two different components that sit next to each other in a vehicle and notice two different screws. The goal, then, is to have both of them use the same screw. If you thought building cars was easy, let this presentation be a reminder that it isn’t. The department also creates production manuals so workers know how to assemble Rimac supercars.

Rimac may be small, but it develops a lot of systems that could be farmed out. For example, it has its own autonomous driving team and it develops its own infotainment systems, which are handled by the hardware and software development teams. The thermal management aspect of the software development team, as well as the powertrain systems, battery lab, and battery engineering team are the company’s bread and butter.

For more information on each team, click on the video above. By the time you’ve watched all four videos, Rimac will have moved to a new facility, which was put together by the facility team. The series was meant to highlight the company’s accomplishments as it moves to a new building it built from the ground up. With a new location and the same talented people, Rimac looks like it has a bright future.

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