Picking up a 911, freeway fail, high-tech thieves and more: This Week On The Forums

Microsoft conquered the desktop, but it still tries way too hard to be cool.

This week’s example of the tech giant’s social stumbling comes via the Seattle Times, which reported Microsoft’s interns recently received a party invite written in millennial-aping Snapchat speak, and included words like “bae,” “dranks” and “noms.” It’s kind of sad that the promise of free food and booze isn’t enough to get underpaid kids to come to a party. Maybe it’s time for a salary “correction?”

Well, at least nothing racist happened. Here’s what else happened this week:

  • Getting the front end of your baby smashed up because some jerk didn’t secure his load is bad enough. But one CorvetteForum had insult added to injury when his insurance company apparently “lost” evidence of his coverage.
  • Picking up a new 911 is the dream of many enthusiasts, and getting to do it at the Porsche factory in Stuttgart makes it even sweeter. For those of us who’ll never get to do it, one RennList member documented his journey.
  • Harley-Davidson might not make the world’s best motorcycles, but they sure are cool. And the only thing cooler than a brand-new Harley is a vintage example, and HDForums put together a list of some of the coolest ones on the market.
  • Most people regard the Mustang II as the New Coke of vehicles, but the folks over at MustangForums actually found not just one, but five things to like about the much-maligned miniature pony. You have to admit you’re curious.
  • Cars are getting more and more connected, but all that convenience comes with a cost. JK-Forum members were shocked to see a video of a thief apparently boosting a new Wrangler with nothing more than a laptop. It’s scary stuff.

Hit the links to get complete information on each story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!

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