Report: Jaguar Land Rover going back to BMW engines

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Remember when BMW owned Land Rover and put BMW V-8s under the hoods of Range Rovers? History might repeat itself.

According to Automobile, a deal is in the works between BMW and Jaguar Land Rover that would place BMW’s next-generation V-8 engine under the hood of high-end Jaguar and Land Rover models.

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The engine is said to be a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8. To save you some time, BMW’s current twin-turbo V-8 displaces 4.4-liters and ranges in output from 450 to 600 horsepower.

Why would this happen? Simple: It costs a lot of money to develop a new V-8 engine, and demand for such things is dwindling. BMW might need to find a way to justify the business case for a new V-8.

Jaguar Land Rover, on the other hand, has limited resources, an aging V-8 power plant, and is sinking a ton of its cash into developing its new 4- and 6-cylinder engines. The demand would have to be there for the company to develop its own next-gen V-8. It likely isn’t, so it would be much cheaper to use BMW’s engine.

This shouldn’t shock you. There’s word the latest V-8 engines from Audi might be the German automaker’s last. Why? Again, cost and demand.


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