Rolls-Royce looks back at a year filled with bespoke beauties

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Rolls-Royce cars are expensive, rare, and endlessly luxurious. They’re also sold to clients who often want what others can’t have. That’s why Rolls-Royce has its own special Bespoke department, which exists to make its demanding and discerning customers’ dreams come true. This creates a world filled with vivid colors, ornate interiors, and high-dollar options sheets that only belong to a given vehicle.

Rolls-Royce wants you to take a trip with it back through the 2016 calendar year and ogle some of its finer creations. Wipe off your shoes and don’t touch anything, you filthy peasant.

Phantom Zenith Collection

To celebrate the final model year of the current Phantom, Rolls-Royce invited customers to create one-off special versions of the car. These reside under the Phantom Zenith collection, which is a rather cool sounding group for a handful of cars. For both the Phantom Coupe and Drophead Coupe, Rolls built 25 examples and each one was enhanced over the “standard” car. The rear tailgate was given a glass shelf so you could serve champagne off of it, and the entire trunk was basically a dining section for when you want to pull over and have a nibble.

“Peace and Glory” Phantom

Many of the automaker’s customers hail from China, and a special “Peace and Glory” Phantom was created for one of those customers. The outside wears a fancy shade of paint, but it’s in the cabin where the Rolls Bespoke team went crazy. Two-tone brown leather occupies most of the space and it’s paired with intricate patterns and personal design motifs created for and by the client. For example, the center console in the rear has a pattern that replicates the fur of a tiger.

You’re Hyundai Accent doesn’t have that.

“Blue Magpie” Phantom Drophead Coupe

Taiwan is also home to Rolls-Royce fans, and one customer ordered up a Phantom Drophead Coupe that is known as “Blue Magpie.” The light blue paintwork is accompanied by a hood finished in white, while the Spirit of Ecstasy is a gold engraved piece of art on its own. Magpies are embroidered into the headrests. Why blue magpies? They’re only found in Taiwan.

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