SSC Tuatara prototype makes public appearance at dealership in Connecticut

It was a lucky day for one YouTuber earlier this month. An SSC Tuatara prototype was present at a Connecticut dealership, and YouTuber WVM3DreamDrives was on hand to capture the car.

We’re treated to the running prototype and all of its 5.9-liter twin-turbo V-8 glory, which produces an astounding 1,350 horsepower on gasoline, and 1,750 hp with E85. And it does sound wonderful at idle, though we’re also treated to a few revs from the individual inside the car. That also sounds quite good to our ears.

SSC Tuatara pre-production prototype

SSC Tuatara pre-production prototype

SSC hopes the Tuatara will be the first production car to reach 300 mph at a time when many other companies are gunning for the same bragging rights. Chiefly among them is Hennessey Performance Engineering and its Venom F5 supercar. While HPE still engineers the Venom F5, SSC hopes to put the Tuatara into production by mid-2019.

SSC Tuatara pre-production prototype

SSC Tuatara pre-production prototype

The company’s CEO, Jerod Shelby, believes the Tuatara is the only supercar with a legitimate shot at the 300 mph barrier. He noted the car’s drag and horsepower numbers are part of the equation that should help the Tuatara crack the 300 mph barrier.  Right now, the drag coefficient sits at 0.279 when running the aerodish wheel, he noted in a previous report this year.

Still, there’s work to be done. SSC wants to still tweak the internal ducting on the rear radiator and work on the front wheel area and rear wing to further clean up the aero profile and add more downforce.

We’ll watch carefully for updates in 2019 as the race to 300 mph heats up.

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