This Ferrari F40 coffee table will set you back $20,000

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The world of high-end furniture is filled with eye-popping pieces paired with eye-watering price tags. Accessories can fall into this spectrum of attraction partnered with repellant price points. That’s where Discommon comes in, a brand bringing items to market like a $ 3,000 Flask, $ 1,200 straight razor, and a $ 450 keychain.

Now Discommon has something that should appeal to those who love supercars and hate keeping money in their bank. This is one of ten coffee tables to be produced, and each is offered with a starting price of at least $ 20,000.

That price point varies depending on the complexity of the vehicle that will be set in the middle of the table. If you raise your hand and wallet, you can then work with Discommon to settle on surface finishes, colors, textures, and the design of the vehicle you’d like formed. Discommon says it doesn’t have to be a car either, as one might one to honor their own boat or plane.

Two tables have been completed thus far. The one above highlights the iconic lines of the Ferrari F40. Another works the sleek shape of the new Ford GT into its tabletop. 

Discommon says that these two tables each started as a 4.0-feet long block of aluminum. They then needed 50 hours of designer time to model the shape of the table. Another 50 hours went into the texture design. Hence the high asking price of each unit.

If you’re interested but you don’t have the large cash ask required, I can build a table for you. I’ll start with a strong Ikea table and then glue the R/C bodykit of your choice in the middle. After that, I’ll spray it all with some high-quality paint and pack it up for safe shipping to your home or office. My new company is called Common, and we only charge $ 2,000 for our tables.

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