TVR's new Welsh plant delayed, Griffith could be too

Early 2019 is likely an optimistic date for TVR to start production of its reborn Griffith sports car.

According to a Monday Autocar report, construction of the firm’s new production plant in Wales has been put on hold. The delays come after the Welsh government purchased a roughly 3-percent stake in the company, or about $ 700,000 worth. The deal meant TVR was subject to European Union rules and regulations that surround state funding. With the rules, TVR was required to let any EU firm appraise the work on its new production facility, not just local firms.

TVR head Les Edgar said the process has been “frustrating” and the current regulatory process won’t be complete until January 2019. Construction work on the factory might not start for months after the process is complete.

TVR originally intended to begin delivery of the new Griffith in early 2019, but Edgar said the company might be able to start production in March as it waits for its plant. Work could start at a building intended for training and development next door to the factory.

TVR Griffith prototype, 2017 Goodwood Revival

TVR Griffith prototype, 2017 Goodwood Revival

He also said the company will likely undertake prep work to help speed up the construction process.

The new TVR Griffith debuted at the Goodwood Revival in 2017 and will pack a Ford-sourced 5.0-liter V-8 engine with tuning expertise from Cosworth. Power heads to the rear wheels exclusively and drivers will find a 6-speed manual as the only gearbox. The new car will be the first to feature Gordon Murray’s innovative iStream construction, which focuses on taking out weight from a vehicle platform. Minimal pre-assembled parts form the basis of the Griffith’s construction.

The first batch of cars is priced at $ 117,285 each.

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