Volkswagen ID R returning to Goodwood Festival of Speed, plans to defend its hillclimb record

Fresh off of its record-breaking lap at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the Volkswagen ID R will return to the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month. There, it plans to defend its hillclimb record.

Last year, the ID R set a time of 43.86 seconds as it scooted up Lord March’s driveway, setting an electric-car record. It became the quickest time in 15 years. Unlike the ID R at last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, this car has been prepped specifically for the hillclimb event. VW also has another year of experience under its belt prepping the electric race car.

Volkswagen ID R

Volkswagen ID R

VW said the ID R at last year’s event ran the same configuration as it had when it set a new Pikes Peak International Hillclimb record just three weeks earlier. This time, the car has been tweaked and tuned for the Goodwood hillclimb, and that means it should best the 43.86-second time.

“We have developed another evolutionary stage of the ID R—a sprint version with smaller batteries, in order to further reduce weight,” said Technical Director at Volkswagen Motorsport, François-Xavier Demaison. “We have also opted for a far more aggressive energy management strategy for the short distance. You need very high output for a very short time for the sprint in Goodwood.”

Volkswagen ID R

Volkswagen ID R

The ID R’s powertrain configuration has been essential to breaking the handful of records it has so far. At the Nürburgring, engineers had to carefully balance energy recuperation and the need for plenty of power. The last thing VW wanted to see was the race car run out of juice on the track. In fact, the ID R did not and set a new electric-car lap record time of 6:05.33. That smashed the previous electric car record of 6:45.9 held by the Nio EP9.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed runs July 4-7. Look for news during the event that VW has bested its record and perhaps substantially.

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