Watch how Rimac builds its supercars

Rimac, the Croatian EV tech supplier and supercar maker, is back with the second episode of its in-depth facility tour.

While the first episode looked at design and engineering processes, episode two is all about the manufacturing process. It’s a marvel to see, knowing that Rimac started with CEO Mate Rimac in a garage only a decade ago. Today, the company employs 500 people to help build components for customers and its own supercars.

Mate Rimac, CEO and founder of Rimac

Mate Rimac, CEO and founder of Rimac

What’s truly mesmerizing is to see how hands-on processes are inside Rimac. For example, Mr. Rimac takes viewers through the molding stage and how it selects materials. There aren’t robots pressing carbon fiber here. Instead, there are human beings applying carbon fiber ahead of molding, or stuffing copper or Kevlar into components that require electrical insulation and protection. After the lamination stage, (once again) humans, not machines, place the parts in vacuum bags before components head off to be pressurized.

From there, parts are trimmed, cut, bonded, or in the case of interior parts, upholstered.

Rimac C_Two

Rimac C_Two

In the video, we’re likely looking at parts for the Rimac C_Two, which is the firm’s latest electric hypercar. The C_Two costs $ 2 million to start, and a previous report pegged the average cost customers specified from an options list was a whopping $ 600,000. In 2018, the hypercar was nearly sold out. Today, we imagine they’re all gone, with each now being prepped for production. All of this is the price to pay for a hypercar that has 1,914 horsepower.

The video series of tours is part of a toast to Rimac’s success as it prepares to move into a new production facility.

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