Watch this Ford Fiesta rally car fly more than 160 feet

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The world of rallying is filled with high speeds through dense forests, wide open blasts across desert landscapes, and aggressive hand-brake slides to rotate through tight corners. Occasionally, it’s also marked by massive, full-throttle jumps such as the one you’ll find at Rally Finland. This is a fast rally, and one jump in particular lets the cars pretend they’re airplanes for the day.

A Ford Fiesta WRC race car was attacking the track. Driven by pilots Mads Østberg and Torstein Eriksen, the car was running flat out when it approached the point of vertical rotation. Into the air it went, and it didn’t touch back down until more than 160 feet of dirt road and empty space had passed beneath its wheels and tires.

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For reference, the Wright Brothers first powered flight was just 120 feet. This Fiesta flew farther than that.

This spot in the rally is referred to as the Yellow House jump. Previously, a car driven by Sebastien Ogier managed to soar 187 feet during a rally in 2012. The record is right around 190 feet, which is almost as far as the Wright Brothers third powered flight.

That’s very far…for a car at least, especially one cresting a blind hill that’s lined with trees and people.


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